You've got to start somewhere

The purpose of this blog is to post updates about St. Timothy's in Cane Bay and also point out some of the work we're doing. The goal is to keep us all connected as we weather the Covid-19 storm.

I checked my personal email, and the first email I got about the Coronavirus was on February 28 from the National Arthritis Foundation. I don't know how I got added to their list. I don't have Arthritis, but I did do the Jingle Bell Run back in 2014. So I haven't heard from them in six years, but I did something with them one time, so now I get emails from them about coronavirus.

Since that day, I am pretty sure I've received an email about the coronavirus from every business I've ever even just looked at. All of them wanting to give me the latest updates and tell me what they were up to as the threat materialized.

As a Pastor, I've wanted to keep you all updated in the same way but I've been apprehensive about adding to the noise. Surely people needed to hear from the church, but how much? How often? Should there be a lot of short emails, or one long email once a week?

As you may have noticed, we've played with the formula some. Some weeks there have been just one long email, and other weeks there have been a bunch of short ones. I haven't felt super great about either. I think the blog is going to be a good tool for those that wish to either check-in to see the latest news, or those that wish to subscribe and see all the updates as emails as they come in.

If you need to get in touch with me or would like to give make a request for a specific post, please leave a comment or email me directly. And as always, please reach out if there are specific ways we can be praying for you or if you have a specific pastoral need.



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